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Dried pumpkin

With us - it is profitable!

The production company of dried fruits and vegetables "AGRO FAROVON ZAMIN" carries out wholesale deliveries of dried pumpkin. Natural products meet international safety and quality standards, has good transportability and long shelf life.

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Strict compliance with phytosanitary standards

Melon-growing culture is grown on fertile soil of Uzbekistan, in the most favorable climatic conditions, has a declaration of conformity. 

The wholesale price of dried pumpkin is especially advantageous for large customers, however, cooperation with AGRO FAROVON ZAMIN is equally beneficial for customers aimed at small wholesale deliveries. Are ready to consider any counter proposals. 

You can get additional information right away by contacting the information support service at +998 (90) 224-30-00

Pros of your choice
  • 1

    Fruit is not allowed for processing with signs of spoilage, crumpled

  • 2

    Moisture content - according to your request

  • 3

    Slicing and packing - any complexity


+998(90) 224-30-00


Yangikurgan village, Bulungur district, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan


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