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The cycle of production of dried products consists of the following stages:

  • Acceptance.
    The acceptance process involves several stages: first, a laboratory analysis of the soil and product is carried out. Depending on the positive results of laboratory studies, a decision is made to use raw materials in the production process and the acceptance of raw materials is carried out;
  • Cleaning.
    Depending on the type of incoming raw materials, appropriate cleaning is carried out. Production facilities of the company allow several types of purification - steam, by influencing the thin shell of raw materials by a stream of flame, drum processing, etc .;
  • Cutting.
    The cutting process allows you to obtain various forms of cutting raw materials - rings, cubes, straws. Depending on the customer's preference, it is possible to cut any size;
  • Drying.
    Taking into account the adoption of modern solutions in the manufacture of drying chambers, the temperature of the impact on the raw material in each separate chamber is regulated by automatic adjustment, which simplifies the process of controlling the temperature and obtaining the desired result. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the equipment makes it possible to obtain a dried product with a certain humidity rate;
  • Laser cleaning.
    At this stage, the semi-finished product is cleaned according to three basic principles - by the identity of color, size and absence of impurities. Processing at this stage allows you to get a semi-finished product of excellent quality.
  • Packing.
    This is one of the last processes, where the finished product that has passed all the previous stages of processing is packed at the discretion of the customer into various types of packages - p / e bags with liner, corrugated bags with liner, cardboard boxes with liner, etc. Packaging equipment allows to pack the semi-finished product with different weight range.

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